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Our preparations contain allergens. We invite you to report intolerances and allergies to our dining room staff and consult the ingredients book.


Typical poor traditional dish, simple and very tasty made with friselle dipped in water, cherry tomatoes, oregano, red onion, carrousel jars, EVO oil and salt. The ingredients are served separately.

9,00 €

verdure pastellate

Verdure pastellate.

Basket of seasonal vegetables (depending on availability, zucchini, lampaggioni, artichokes, aubergines, etc.), battered and fried.

8,00 €

timballo di verdure

Timballo di Stagione.

Timballo prepared according to the eggplant parmigiana recipe, it can be served in a variant of zucchini or other seasonal vegetables depending on availability.

10,00 €

focaccine e polpette

Polpette e Focaccine.

Basket of bread balls and fried scones, served with traditional pepper preserve, strong ricotta cheese and slices of local bacon.

12,00 €

burrata con capocollo

Burratina, capocollo e verdure.

Homemade burratina and local capocollo served on a plate with julienne of seasonal vegetables seasoned with Apulian EVO oil.

10,00 €

tagliere prospettiva

Tagliere tradizionale.

Local cheeses and cold cuts served on a chopping board, to be shared with fried pizza and home made pepper preserve. Recommended for at least 2 people.

18,00 €

ravioli di burrata

Tortelloni alla burrata.

Homemade tortelloni filled with local burrata sautéed in a pan with cherry tomato stew and served with a dollop of fresh stracciatella

10,00 €

strascinate alle cime di rapa

Strascinate alle cime di rapa.

Homemade Apulian strascinate made according to the classic recipe with turnip tops, anchovies and fried breadcrumbs.

10,00 €

fave e cicorie

Fave e Cicorie.

Broad bean purée accompanied by boiled chicory served as tradition dictates, with fried cornaletti, sliced red onion, croutons and local EVO oil to taste.

12,00 €

spaghetti e fagiolini

Spaghetti con fagiolini.

A classic Apulian summer recipe. Spaghettoni seasoned with a sauce of cherry tomatoes and green beans, covered with a white layer of delicious flaked local cacioricotta.

12,00 €

orecchiette e polpette

Orecchiette ragù e polpettine.

Typical Apulian homemade orecchiette, seasoned with slow-cooked meat sauce and fried minced meat balls.

12,00 €

melanzane ripiene

Melanzana ripiena.

Aubergines emptied and filled with the inner part of the vegetable mixed with eggs and cheese, then cooked in the oven and served hot with toasted bread. It is a traditional vegetarian dish.

10,00 €

bombette con fonduta

Bombette di maiale con fonduta.

Typical local “bombette” (pork rolls) served with a caciocavallo and black pepper fondue.

14,00 €

capocollo fritto

Tagliata di capocollo.

A special pork steak (capocollo), breaded, fried, sliced and served with local pecorino cheese flakes, rocket, cherry tomatoes and EVO oil.

14,00 €

salsicce e patate

Salsicce miste e patate.

Local sausage and “zampina”, served with whole potatoes cooked in the oven.

15,00 €

grigliata mista

Grigliata mista.

Mix of local meats grilled at the moment and served hot with lemon to use at will. The mix includes local sausage, capocollo and beef.

18,00 €

tagliata di manzo

Tagliata di manzo

Selected local beef cooked on the grill, seasoned with rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes. Cooking can be established according to customer preferences.

15,00 €

tagliata di pollo

Tagliata di pollo

Tasty free-range chicken breast cooked on the grill and served with cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan flakes and balsamic glaze.

10,00 €

zucchine alla poverella

Zucchine alla poverella.

Sliced and fried zucchini, seasoned with EVO oil and fresh mint. You can add some balsamic glaze if you like.

5,00 €

verdure grigliate

Verdure grigliate.

Mixed seasonal vegetables, cut into slices or strips and grilled. They can be seasoned as desired with EVO oil, vinegar, salt and oregano.

5,00 €

patate al forno

Patate al forno.

Potatoes cut into wedges and baked. Serve crunchy, hot and already salted.

5,00 €

patatine fritte

Patate Fritte.

Classic french fries cut into sticks and fried. Serve hot and already salted, to be accompanied with sauces or plain. The product is frozen at the origin.

5,00 €


Insalata mista.

Iceberg, julienne carrots and tomatoes. Ideal to accompany meat dishes, it can be personalized. Ingredients are subject to seasonal availability.

5,00 €


Dolce Confezionato.

Selezione di dessert confezionati da aziende selezionate. La disponibilità può variare a seconda del periodo. Vi invitiamo a chiedere al nostro personale le opzioni disponibili.

5,00 €

dolce della casa

Dolce della casa.

Homemade from the family recipe book, only with fresh and genuine ingredients, without preservatives or colourings. Availability may vary, please ask our staff for available options.

7,00 €


Acqua minerale 1lt.

Microfiltered and sterilized mineral water. Served in bottle, cold or room temperature, still or carbonated, filled at the moment.

2,00 €


Bibite in bottiglietta 33cl.

Coca Cola or Fanta in environmentally friendly 33cl glass bottles.

3,00 €


Birra alla spina 40cl.

Medium 40cl beer served cold and freshly tapped.

5,00 €


Birra Peroni Cruda 33cl.

Peroni Cruda is an unpasteurized and microfiltered lager at low temperatures to preserve the fresh, genuine and authentic taste of carefully selected ingredients.

4,00 €


Birra Peroni Gran Riserva 50cl.

From the group of Peroni special beers, we select a blonde and a red grand reserve, produced with Italian malts and hops in Italy.

6,00 €


Vino in calice o prosecco.

From our personal selection, we offer top quality local wines by the glass or excellent premium prosecco.

4,00 €